Skin Problems caused by Gluten

Hi Guys,

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I haven’t been very well. I must have unknowingly been infected with Gluten somehow and it’s really taken it out of me.

Anyway, I’m back now and wanted to pass on some information from whilst I have been ill.

Usually, when I have had Gluten, I get the usual feelings of sickness and headaches along with some brain fog ( or brain melting as I call it). On the odd occasion I have even gotten small cuts on my fingers and hands.

However, this time I have developed a skin problem. My legs and forearms have broken out with a flaky, itchy skin rash ( not very nice I know ). I was a little bit concerned as this has never happened before but upon checking online have found this is quite common with a lot of people. 

I found a few websites to be quite useful for information on symptoms that can occur when Gluten has reared it’s ugly head and have added the links to these below:

10 signs youre gluten intolerant
Celiac disease and skin
Allergy to wheat and other grains
Wheat allergy and treatments

N.B As with lots of information online, some of these sites contain a lot of personal opinions and advise. In no way should this information be used instead of obtaining a professional opinion from a doctor.

I have not yet gone to the doctors to get it checked out. I’m going to see how it goes and hopefully it will clear itself up. I’m using moisturisers to soften the skin and Aloe Vera gel is also very good for soothing irritating skin conditions.

I hope this information helps some of you if you are experiencing similar problems. Please leave a comment if any one knows of any other products that can help with these kinds of issues or even if you have other reactions you think people could benefit from knowing.

See you soon  xx

Warburton’s Thins Pasty

I was talking to a friend of mine today who is currently trying to loose weight on Slimming World and she told me of this really tasty sounding recipe. Instead of using pastry for making a pasty, use the thins instead. Gluten Free Warburton’s Thins can be bought from most major supermarkets and this is a much healthier alternative to pastry.

Honestly, I have never tried to make anything with gluten free pastry. My friend is an excellent cook and has attempted to make pastries for me before but they have never turned out quite as expected. By all accounts, there are more failures than successes. I know if I tried anything it would just be a flop.

I’m not a big foodie and find cooking to be a bit of a chore but this recipe is so simple and I know it is something I could do quickly for lunch or tea.

Cheese and onion pasty  made with Warburton’s Thins

They look so delicious!!

Basically, as long as you have a pack of the gluten free thins, some eggs and a filling of your choice, you’re all set!

Make any filling you want, sweet or savoury, and place it in the centre of a thin. Use the eggs to make a wash and paste this on the thin around the filling. Put the top on, press down all the edges and cover with the rest of the egg wash. Pop it in the oven on about 200C for 10-15 minutes and eat.

Easy as pie (or pasty)!

For more detailed instructions or to give the Cheese and onion filling a go, just Click Here. You will also find more recipes that can be tried using these Warburton’s Thins. Who knew they could be so versatile! Well……..someone did 😉

Until next time,

Take care glutenites xx


Hi. Welcome to my Gluten Free blog.

This is my first post and my first ever blog. I hope you enjoy it and get a lot of useful tips and information about being gluten free.

First, let me tell you a bit about me. I am 30 years old and have been living gluten free for about 4 years, due to being allergic to gluten. I was very ill for a few years with various stomach troubles and sickness and had to take a few months off work to try and get better. Growing up, I was told by my Grandparents that dry toast was the best thing to eat when your not well as it lines your stomach. I’m not sure how true this is but decided to try it and noticed that it was making my stomach worse. I also started getting skin problems and shooting pains in my hands.

I went to my doctor and after ruling out other conditions, she decided it may be diet related. At this point, I was advised to stop eating Gluten while I waited for a test for Coeliac Disease. It was not until much later that I found out this was wrong. If you go to the doctor with suspected Coeliac Disease, you should keep eating gluten until after the test has been done. The reason for this is that with Coeliac’s, the protein in the gluten damages the lining in the intestine. The doctors can only pick up this damage if gluten is still being processed through the body as the intestine repair’s itself quite quickly. Needless to say, when I went for the test, nothing was found. My doctor advised, as I was feeling better without the gluten, I should carry on with the gluten free diet and have done ever since.

It has been difficult for me over the years to find out what I can and can’t eat and eating out has been a nightmare. I have eaten a lot of salads!! I wanted to start this blog to share any recipes, restaurants or information I come across and hopefully help you to lead a better gluten free life :)

Well, that’s the boring stuff about me over with. Thanks for taking the time to stop in and read about me and my reason for starting this blog. I will be back on soon with some nice and healthy recipes to try so check back soon.

If you would like more information about Coeliac Disease or living Gluten free, I have found this website to be really helpful

Until Next time xxx